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DTR series capacitor energy storage point bump wel
Capacitor energy storage welder
Capacitor energy storage welder



  Product Brief
Capacitor energy point type convex welding machine series: DTR-J
DTR: capacitor energy storage point bump welder
J: maximum energy storage
For example: the maximum energy storage capacity of 15000J capacitor storage point type convex welding machine is expressed as DTR-15000
Main features:
●DTR capacitor welder welding capacitor, output current is more accurate, and small impact on the grid, more energy saving; the degree of discoloration spot light, basic can save polishing process.
●Microcomputer control, large screen LCD display, intuitive and clear.
●Quick response and automatic voltage feeding digital circuit to ensure that the voltage is preset value before each discharge, so as to ensure the consistency of the effect of the welding products.
●Successive approximation type 12 bit ADC (analog / digital conversion) sampling rate of 100ksps maximum to ensure that the accuracy of the charging voltage is maintained at + 0.5V.
●With the highest charging voltage protection, charging circuit disconnection alarm function.
●The capacitor adopts special fast blanking capacitor.
●Double overvoltage protection, the circuit can ensure that the charging voltage does not exceed the preset safety standards to protect the capacitor.
●Welding machine power transformer adopts special resistance welding transformer, silicon steel sheet magnetic permeability is 14000, Gauss special, strong output.
●With microcomputer control, the energy storage voltage does not fluctuate with the voltage of the grid.
●Large screen Chinese display, clear and intuitive, data adjustment and setting, using tact switch, convenient and quick.
●Used in stainless steel, brass, alloy copper, aluminum alloy, etc., especially suitable for appliances, watchband, jewelry, stainless steel tableware and all kinds of hardware and other manufacturers.
Technical parameter:


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