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Compressor terminal post intermediate frequency we
Special welding machine for intermediate frequency inverting copper tube
Special welding machine for intermediate frequency inverting copper tube


  Design concept
●Because the shell and the copper tube are two different metal materials, and the physical property difference is quite big, therefore, the traditional process can not meet the welding requirements.
●Our company technical personnel according to the relevant foreign technology as reference, and after numerous tests, gradually mastered the welding technology of carbon steel and copper welding, the finished product after testing the authority of the state sector, fully meet the firmness of the brass welding compressor, sealing and stability requirements.
●The medium frequency power supply transformer, small volume and light weight, frequency of 1000Hz welding transformer and the transformer rectifier diode diode rectifier used in Germany imported, stable and reliable quality, to provide for the use of DC AC conversion welding, so the production cost fell to an extremely low.
●The intermediate frequency welding controller is composed of a plurality of micro controllers. The direct reading type operation system is easy to operate and can store the welding parameters. Besides, it is convenient to manage except the basic common solder joint count, the welding spot setting and the automatic diagnosis function.
●Wide range of applications, in addition to welding carbon steel, stainless steel, high carbon steel and other ordinary metals, but also welding of brass, aluminum and aluminum alloy, pure copper and other rare metals.
Main technical parameters


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